You finally have a genuine opportunity to earn an excellent income, working from home. If you are willing to mail our sales forms for $1.00 each, then our company would like you to join the highest team of home workers today.


Working with our company will help solve your money troubles. Eliminate concerns about not having enough money to pay the bills, or to do the things that you have always dreamed about. If you have always wanted an easy way to work from home in your spare time, while still earning a higher income, you owe it to yourself to check out our offer. We are looking for hard working people who want an easy way to create an income from their home.


If you’re willing to do an honest days work, for an honest days pay, you have found your opportunity! Our system is very simple. All of the envelopes will be addressed and have postage stamps on them. We’ve made things as easy as possible for you. You will receive immediate payment for ALL the envelopes you receive. You never pay for postage! You never purchase mailing lists! You never do any door-to-door selling! You never talk to customers! You never need to do any expensive advertising! And your income is guaranteed to be paid to you by us!


We will supply you with the necessary materials to get you off to a flying start. By following our detailed instructions in the materials you will receive, you will be able to process all the envelopes you like. All the envelopes will be pre-addressed with postage stamps already affixed. Your work will consist mainly of helping us process request for information about our company's most popular publications describing how to make money doing Mystery Shopper Work or Assembling Products From Home.


There is no limit to the number of pieces that you can process. Your earning potential is unlimited. You can use this income for anything you desire. You can buy a new car, buy a new house, and take a long overdue vacation. Why not join those of us who have no boss telling us what to do. Plus, you will save on gas and baby-sitters, choose your own hours, and work at your own pace. You can take a break at any time. And you will never mail anything objectionable or pornographic.

We want to begin helping you gain huge profits in the mailing business. Because when you're successful, we're successful. We are anxious to use your mailing services for our order forms. You will also learn how we can help you expand your operation and raise your new income levels even higher. The possibilities are unlimited! Plus, with our bonus plan we will give you all the details on how you will receive 75% commission on every product sold to every customer that you help us generate from the order forms that you process. You will receive $1 for every envelope you process, regardless if the customer buys anything. If they do purchase you receive an extra 75% commission!

The best part is you never have to talk to the customers or handle any products. Many mail order companies want to generate more business, but most are not willing to take on the added expense. There is the cost of adding office space, higher taxes and insurance, not to mention the time it takes to find people. All of this is costing more money. It is much easier, and less costly, to allow home workers to do the same job, while earning a higher wage. This way everyone benefits. The companies save money on expansion and the workers can earn more from home. This program allows you to earn an extra income with a company that needs your help. This program has become so successful and profitable, that many firms have adopted it. This is not an offer of employment. It is an opportunity for you to become an Independent Commission Mailer for our company.  Remember, this is not a get rich quick scheme.  It is a program for you to make money from home while filling the needs of a company that needs people to secure, process, and mail envelopes back to us using our special flier, all while being your own boss and working around home. Take part in our success. The amount of money you earn is up to you. There are no obligations. You can quit whenever you want. All the work is done from your home and you can start immediately. You will be supplied with the envelopes already stamped and addressed. Our success depends on your 100% satisfaction with this program.

All payments for envelopes are made to you every other week

The Home Mailer Program is included absolutely FREE when you order our Assembling Products For Fun And Profit Guide. We will also include with your order a subscription to our Mystery Shoppers Work - members only site and as an extra added bonus to you, as soon as you have mailed your first 100 envelopes we will reimburse the full amount of your order. This way your work at home package cost you nothing, and you have earned $100.

Once again, we need mailers now, and look forward to working with you soon.

We supply everything to get you started immediately.

Home Mailer Program


Mystery Shopper Work - Member Only Site
Assembling Products For Fun And Profit Guide

Only $ 34.00    

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our complete work at home package, that if you are not 100% completely satisfied with our programs, simply return all provided materials within the first 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price. Therefore this is no risk opportunity!




Testimonials & Success Stories

I'd like YOU to be our next success story!! we want to share your exciting story of massive success with others. It could happen FAST... and a whole lot easier than you think. Get ready to live a whole new life! Don't wait, DO IT NOW! we're here for you all the way.

Here are a few of the Actual Testimonials On File from people who have joined. More testimonials and success stories coming soon.

"Thank you so much for such excellent customer service. It goes a long way."
C. Brown, Maryland

"Thank you for mailing it out so quickly. Can't wait to get started. Thanks again."
K. Moore, Tennessee

"I just received my check, I would like to continue this for a lifetime. You're a good company, may God continue to be with you."
Shelly Harvell, Maryland

"I have tried many work from home scams before and had spent a lot of money with no return. If it was not for the Northern ePublications' Assembling Products For Fun And Profit Guide (Included in the work at home package), I would never have found a job that I could do from home with an excellent source of income. The Northern ePublications' Assembling Products For Fun And Profit Guide benefit me by finding real work with a real good pay check. I am making more money each month than I was at my previous job, working less hours, with no babysitting or travelling expenses. Northern ePublications is legitimate and I would highly recommend the Northern ePublications' Assembling Products For Fun And Profit Guide to my friends and family."
Ms. Burek, New York

"This is not my first program but it is the first one that delivered what it promised. Thanks for all your help."
S. Smith
Washington, D.C

"I received the package. I am very happy now and very motivated to work at home. Thank you very much."
M. Parent
Quebec, Canada

"Once again, I wish to thank you for giving me a chance to live my dream."
E. Edwards, South Carolina

"This means so much to me as a single mother of three, the youngest just turned 1! Thank you once more, this golden opportunity couldn't have come at a better time! God bless you and all you do to help others!"
K. Shirley, California

"Our family income has really shot up since we began your program. We're taking our first vacation in years."
V. Mohler
Mesa, AZ

“My boyfriend was skeptical when I told him I signed up with you to be a mystery shopper. Now he tags along with me when I'm on assignment. He keeps asking when we're going to see another free movie. Typical guy, huh? Anyway, I'm really glad I signed up.”
Judy Tran
Kansas City, MO

"I just received my first paycheck. This is great. We intend to work with your company on an ongoing basis."
M. Stephen
Gaithersburg, MO

"Thanks for your prompt response to our supply order request. This is really fantastic."
W. Brock
Savannah, GA

"Today I got the surprise of my life!...I received my first check from your company."
Irene May, Pennsylvania

"I love your program! My checks get bigger every week as I expand my mailings."
David Goodwin, Nevada

"This is the easiest program I've ever worked!"
Cheryl Lee, Illinois

"I've tried a half dozen other companies with zero results until I found you. You delivered on every promise. I'll be with your company for a long, long time to come."
Esther Stevens, Nebraska

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